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  • BrightHR: Is your business compliant? If not, you could face some hefty fines.

BrightHR: Is your business compliant? If not, you could face some hefty fines.

Not everyone is an employment law expert. But when you own or manage a business, staying up to date with the latest rules and legislation is essential. If not, you could face hefty fines that will set you back and damage your business reputation. As we’ll explain, in 2022 the stakes got a whole lot higher making it more important than ever before to ensure all businesses are compliant.

Global HR software firm BrightHR, crunched the numbers from over one million users to reveal the two key areas that SMEs need to make sure they’re up to date on how to prevent and detect rule violations and protect themselves from fines and lawsuits. These are:

Health & safety Sickness and absenteeism Jess van der Walt, Head of Operations at BrightHR ANZ says,

“In 2022, Western Australia increased its maximum penalty for gross negligence and industrial manslaughter significantly. For corporations, the maximum penalty has skyrocketed from $2.7 million to $10 million. While individuals can face up to 20 years of imprisonment and a fine of $5 million. These changes drive home just how critical it is for SMEs to get their health & safety management in order. There’s a lot at risk if they don’t.

“Documentation is key. Maintaining clear records and clarity into what tasks need to be done and when helps you identify and manage potential hazards, and record workplace injuries and illnesses, which is vital given the financial risks that are at stake. Having an all-in-one, smart HR app to manage your health & safety can benefit your business in so many ways. And most importantly, it can save you time and money.

“Another important component to ensuring your business is compliant is through the ways you manage sickness and absenteeism. This was clearly at the forefront for SMEs last year with our self-certification and return to work form being the most accessed document in the BrightBase library in 2022.

“A well-developed sickness and absenteeism policy plays an essential role in your health & safety. But if this isn’t done properly, you may just be exposing your business to legal claims. Having important documentation close at hand and making sure that all your forms and policies are up to date takes away the stress and worry that can come with running a business.

“With many Fair Work Amendments being rolled out this year, from prohibition on pay secrecy and on advertising jobs lower than the minimum rate of pay, to expanded rights for flexible work and restrictions regulating the use of fixed-term contracts. It’s never been more important for SMEs to make sure their documentation is accurate and remains compliant, to avoid any financial or legal consequences.

“At BrightHR, we know that business owners are not employment law experts. And they don’t need to be! They are experts in what they do best—running their business. Building a strong foundation of continuous compliance will help ensure that businesses are protected and set up for success.”

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