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Management talk

Management talk

Work Safely Protocol updates

The Work Safely Protocol (the Protocol) now includes updated guidance on ventilation, vaccinations and antigen testing to protect workers and help people get back to work. Here’s what employers need to know.

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021

Management talk

Return to work HR: How to handle anxious employees

With a recent announcement suggesting offices will open in August, employers need to prepare for staff returning to the workplace. But what if your staff want to stay working from home? Let’s take a look…

Monday, Jun 14, 2021

Management talk

Supporting staff back into the workplace

New health & safety measures make your business COVID-secure, but the changes can be intimidating for staff. Let’s look at ways to ease the transition from home to the workplace.

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021

Management talk

Can I make staff take the COVID-19 vaccine?

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout underway, lots of employers are asking the same question: Can I now bring staff back to work? We explain what you should do to keep your people and business safe.

Monday, Mar 01, 2021

Management talk

How to avoid common redundancy mistakes

Read on to discover how to carry out redundancies the right way…

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020

Management talk

10 minutes with Bright Ambassador Andy Reid MBE

From managing staff to making the workplace COVID-secure, Andy tells us how he’s run his café through this challenging coronavirus climate.

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020

Management talk

How to navigate a local lockdown in your area

Here's how to manage your business and your people if the government imposes a local lockdown in your area.

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020

Management talk

Four reasons why you should embrace flexible working

Want to boost employee productivity and reduce staff absence? Try flexible working.

Thursday, Jul 18, 2019

Management talk

How long should I keep staff records for under GDPR?

You won’t need to store all staff records forever. But how long should you keep them to comply with GDPR?

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

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