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Discover your savings with our payback calculator for Health & Safety

Getting health & safety wrong can be costly. Our payback calculator can help you see how becoming a BrightHR customer can help you save money but more importantly help to prevent costly fines.


Did you know that over the year, the average business will:

Spend 31 hours processing 270+ absence requests and lose 14 hours managing 120 overtime requests

Need an average of nine risk assessment documents (from 600+ potential risks)

The cost for a workplace accident is €22,545

The average business will have all staff conduct a minimum of 100 hours of H&S related e-learning as part of their compliance

The average business is responsible for carrying out H&S audits at least once a year

How could this look for your business?

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Annual cost of BrightHR

Cost of health & safety software and advice

Return on your investments

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Your total cost breakdown

Conduct a single risk assessment*No employees selected
Draft a single health & safety policy*No employees selected
Accidents in your businessNo employees selected
Fine for not having up-to-date training recordsNo employees selected
Health & Safety compulsary e-learningNo employees selected

Sources: The cost of drafting a health & safety policy is validated by the Hays Salary Guide. The cost of accidents in a business is based on per medically consulted injury validated by the HSE. Annual cost of BrightHR is based off the BrightHR Protect Combined package for 12 months. Further information available on request. *Cost of single document rather than average yearly spend. Terms and conditions apply

The best investment in health & safety software and advice you’ll ever make

Just think of the time you’ll free up, the stress you’ll avoid, and the money you’ll save to put back into your business—when everything you need is in one place.

Streamline your tools to a single platform—saving you and your business thousands each year.

You could hire someone full-time, but that is expensive…

The annual salary for a Health & Safety expert is over €45,000

Plus, a HR Administrator costs around €40,000 a year

*As cited by Hays, leading specialist recruiter.

When you get professional health & safety support, you can...

  • Protect your business and staff from health & safety risks with end-to-end BrightSafe software
  • Safeguard your business from 600+ risks
  • Reduce hazards and prevent accidents with real-time reporting
  • Tick off compliance with an accurate digital paper trail
  • Keep staff aware with CPD-accredited e-learning courses

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Protect your business and staff from health & safety risks with 600+ risk assessment templates.

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