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Stop health & safety crises in their tracks with 24/7 backup

Stay on the right side of health & safety laws without the hassle of uncertainty with BrightSafe advice

  • Get up-to-date advice without hefty legal fees
  • Protect your business in emergency health & safety situations
  • Make documentation painless with a library of expert templates

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Our friendly advice team is here for you

Proactively protect your business and employees from workplace hazards and accidents with a direct line to our experienced health & safety advisers 24/7.

  • Be better prepared for inspections
  • Get jargon-free advice that helps you stay compliant
  • Stay up to date with industry-specific legal advice
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Access a vast health & safety document library

Get exclusive access to hundreds of expertly written health & safety documents from risk assessments and templates to posters and factsheets.

  • Browse, download, and use the right health & safety template in minutes
  • Meet your legal obligations with up-to-date documentation
  • Get all the documents you need in one, central location
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What our customers say about BrightHR

Using BrightHR makes us much more organised and centralises our processes, making it quicker for us to manage sickness and holidays.

Nottingham Credit Union

What our customers say about BrightHR

BrightHR is a user-friendly system and the team are on hand to answer any questions we ever have. I would highly recommend BrightHR.

Deborah Gillespie @ Change, Recruitment Group

What our customers say about BrightHR

Our staff absolutely love using the system and the ease of booking holidays and clocking in using Blip. Customer service is amazing...

Steven Greenall @ Cornerstone Children’s Home

What our customers say about BrightHR

Health & safety support wherever and whenever with the BrightSafe app

Health & safety risks and accidents can happen any time.

Our BrightSafe On The Go app keeps you updated no matter what, keeping your health & safety tasks on track

  • Reach a team of experienced health & safety advisers for 24/7 advice
  • Record accidents and near misses in real time
  • Search, download and update risk assessments and documents
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Get instant answers to your HR and health & safety questions

Sometimes you just need a quick answer to that burning question to go about your day.

That’s when BrightLightning comes in handy. Our free question-and-answer platform gives you 24/7 access to years of experience from a team of over 50 advisers

  • Access answers to almost 7,000 HR and health & safety questions
  • Use a one-of-a-kind platform that’s enriched with A.I. learning
  • Get instant compliance updates from all over the world
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Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

Access exclusive courses that are designed to help fill skill gaps and empower staff development—so you can always be confident that your staff are getting first-class training.

Stay in the loop, update reports and reach a team of health and safety experts even when you’re out of the office with the BrightSafe On The Go app.

Stop potential incidents in their tracks with a proactive approach to health & safety. Cut down on incidents at work by reporting near misses in real-time.

Stay up-to-date with health & safety tasks by easily distributing responsibilities, plus handy reminders. BrightSafe makes managing and planning tasks easy.

Create detailed incident reports including times, dates, and location information. We’ll give you general instructions on what steps to take to restore safety.

Our AI-powered Lightning tool has health & safety questions and answers based on top questions from customers and changes in legislation.

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A Guide to H&S Software

A Guide to H&S Software

Monday, Nov 13, 2023

A guide to health and safety software

Health & safety software is the modern solution to get the support you need to help you meet your legal obligations and safeguard your staff and business from risk.

But to make the best use of this time-saving support system, it’s vital you invest in the right software for you. Our complete guide to choosing health & safety software includes a checklist of features you need to look for and tips on when the right time would be to invest in your system.

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Q. What are the legal consequences of not following health & safety at work?

Failure to comply with your relevant workplace health & safety laws may result in serious consequences, such as fines, improvement notices, prohibition notices, and even imprisonment.

BrightSafe software and support services help you stay on top of health & safety laws with a 24/7 phoneline to experienced health & safety advisers. All BrightHR users also get exclusive access to a library of expertly written HR and health & safety document templates to support your compliance.

Q. Do I need a workplace health & safety policy?

Q. Who enforces workplace health & safety laws?

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