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Helpful reports, user guides, infographics and document templates from the team here at BrightHR

Menopause policy

Learn about menopause, it’s effect in the workplace, and what you can do to help your staff. Download your FREE menopause policy.

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The Ultimate Guide to Working Lazy

Are you busy doing the right things in work or have you become a busy fool? Download our Ultimate Guide to Working Lazy and discover the six…

Basic employment contract

All employers have an obligation to provide an employee with an employee contract. So, here’s a template to help you get it right.

Offer letter

‘I am pleased to offer you the position’. Making a job offer is an exciting time and the first step is to confirm everything in writing with…

Application for employment

Using an application for employment form can ensure that you receive all of the information that you need at the start of the recruitment…

Redundancy letter

Making redundancies should always be a last resort, but if if the worst does comes to the worst you’ll need to ensure you get the process…

Job description

What information do you need to include as part of your new job description? Let our job description template help take the hassle out of…