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Bright Rewind: Your 2023 Wrapped

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Your remix of 2023’s employment trends is here! From sick day surges, last-minute holidays, and reoccurring lateness. Get unmissable tips to…

Bright Book of Work Records 2022

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We've unveiled 2022’s most remarkable workplace trends. Check out the HR hall of fame… From the most bizarre reasons for staff absence to…

How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted small businesses in 2020

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Discover how COVID-19 affected your business in 2020. Download your FREE report.

Selecting an absence management tool

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Absence management software used to be something only larger businesses could afford, but not anymore. We give you six features you need to…

Helping businesses do their bit for the environment

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Have you ever wondered how much paper your business uses for back-office HR? It could be more than you think. So we’ve looked at how our…

Staff Absence Trend Report 2019

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Our brand new infographic is here—hot off the press! To discover how your staff took time off in 2019, head inside.