BrightHR launches Android app

BrightHR's leading, user-friendly HR software is now available for Android smartphones. Innovate your business with our effortless HR management technology.

First published on Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

Last updated on Thursday, Mar 03, 2016

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The Android version of our people management app uses the latest in native technology, design and UX to offer SMEs a complete solution to securely manage employee absence on-the-go.

Employees can update sickness, holidays and personal time at the click of a button, or by using the app’s voice recognition technology, leaving you to get on with what you do best: manage your business and develop the culture of your workplace.

The BrightHR app can be used by all staff members, with varying levels of permission, al-lowing users to update details, and request and approve absence at their convenience.

The fully customisable app is available across iPhone and Android mobiles, ensuring over 95% of all smartphone users can have access to the app at all times, making it easy for employees to habitually use BrightHR.

The BrightHR app is all about:

  • Booking holidays is super simple
  • Secure anytime anywhere access available 24/7 from any device
  • No hassle setup, it’s just easy to use
  • Voice recognition technology for holiday booking
  • Features to reduce paperwork and automate holiday requests

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Tooth said of this launch: “Technology plays a huge role in today’s workplace and this is only going to grow. Allowing employees access to an intelli-gent HR app, like ours, that can be used on the go, anytime, anywhere, empowers the workforce to book time off from work how and when they like.

“SMEs can use the app to effortlessly manage HR admin processes, leaving businesses the time to concentrate on the most important HR task, implementing brilliant leadership strategies to inspire employees.”

Visit the Google Play to start using the new BrightHR Android App now.

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