Q&A: Will flight chaos affect your business this summer?

If you’ve read the recent headlines, you’ll know that 2022 is proving pretty rough for airports. Read on for expert advice on dealing with this year's holiday chaos...

Thursday, Jun 30, 2022


Preparing for the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday with BrightHR

UK staff are getting an extra bank holiday in 2022 for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Find out how the extra day off will impact your business and your team’s holiday requests with BrightHR...

Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Should you prioritise parents when approving summer holiday requests?

Handling parent holiday requests over summer can be tricky. Here’s how to divvy out staff leave fairly.

Sunday, Nov 07, 2021


August bank holiday conundrum: Who should get the day off?

It's a common dilemma around this time of year. What do you do when your staff all want the same day off?

Tuesday, Aug 24, 2021


Wedding season has shifted, so should your annual leave policy follow suit?

For two years in a row couples have been forced to reschedule their weddings. So, should you be making more time for your employees to tie the knot?

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021


Lockdown exit plans: How to handle the sudden spike in holiday requests

It’s great news that international travel might be back on the cards soon, but you can’t have everyone off at the same time. We explain how to handle the holidays and keep your people happy.

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021


New report reveals the extent of cancelled annual leave in 2020

Read on to discover the surprising stats…

Friday, Nov 27, 2020


The early May bank holiday is moving: Here’s what employers need to know

The early May bank holiday will change dates this year for a very special reason. Read on to find out how the move will impact your business.

Monday, Mar 02, 2020


When should you start your holiday year?

Most businesses reset their annual leave in January, but are there other ways to run your holiday year? And do they make a difference? BrightHR explains.

Friday, Feb 07, 2020


Swamped by January holiday requests? Here’s why…

There’s a reason why January is a busy month for your team calendar and it’s more than just the back-to-work blues…

Friday, Jan 10, 2020


Q&A: Can I make an employee work over Christmas if I’m short-staffed?

In the third blog in our employment law series, we look at whether you can make your staff work over Christmas—even if you’ve promised them time off…

Thursday, Nov 28, 2019


Holiday nightmare: What to do if your employee is stranded abroad

Is your employee flying back later than expected? Here’s what you should do.

Wednesday, Oct 02, 2019


Most booked off day 2019: What’s the fairest way to decide who gets leave?

The most popular day to book annual leave is here. Find out how to decide who gets time off.

Monday, Aug 19, 2019


Mythbuster: You have to accept an employee’s holiday request if they’ve already booked their flights

Read on to find out whether this is true.

Tuesday, Aug 06, 2019


The guilt-free way to handle parent holiday requests

Losing sleep over the thought of rejecting a parent’s holiday request? Here’s how to shake off your guilt.

Monday, Jul 15, 2019


Revealed: Staff holiday pay set to rise after court ruling

Find out how the Court of Appeal’s latest ruling affects your business.

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019


The most common bank holiday myths debunked…

Get clued up on the real bank holiday laws. Read our complete guide now.

Monday, May 13, 2019


Managing Easter absences

It’s almost Easter but that doesn’t mean your business shuts up shop. Discover the HR issues you could encounter this bank holiday weekend…

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019


Unlimited annual leave: the good and the bad

Unlimited annual leave is a new HR trend, but is it something you should offer your staff? We explain the pros and cons.

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019


Refusing holiday requests is easier than you think

It might be uncomfortable for you, but it’s not against the law: here’s how to refuse an annual leave request the right way.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


How to put together an annual leave policy

Do your staff ask a lot of questions about booking time off? Find out how creating an annual leave policy could help answer them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The holiday booking habits of employees

Understand your staff a little more by adapting to their holiday habits

Tuesday, Oct 03, 2017


Are you ready for the summer holiday season?

Summer holidays are fast approaching. But are you ready for the potential last-minute holiday requests? We give you some helpful tips on how to handle them.

Thursday, Jul 06, 2017


The easier, faster way to book and approve staff holidays

With BrightHR, the hassle of holiday request forms is officially a thing of the past.

Wednesday, Mar 08, 2017


Give ‘em a break - encouraging employees to take time off

Should you be encouraging your employees to take time off work? Yes!

Friday, Oct 21, 2016


Time to lose the British Bank Holiday?

Brace yourselves...

Thursday, Apr 28, 2016

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