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HR Heatbeat: Locked up and laid off, ramped up small claims, and….

Dive into this week’s HR Heartbeat to learn why you may not have to pay statutory termination pay when an employee is incarcerated, the effects of increased small claims monetary limits in Saskatchewan, and so much more!

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024

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Not today, Cupid: An employer’s guide to navigating romance in the workplace

Love is in the air, just not in the workplace please! Here are three tips to prepare your business for Valentine’s Day. Get advice on what to do if your staff strike up a budding romance.

Friday, Feb 09, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: Wages without borders, committing to safer workplaces, and…

This week, dive into why it’s crucial to pay your foreign workers the same as their Canadian counterparts, new termination notice entitlements for federally regulated workers plus lots more.

Tuesday, Feb 06, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: Lessons in terminations, pre-employment drug tests and...

In this week’s HR Heartbeat, we look at why it’s important to disclose disabilities during the hiring process, best practices for conducting terminations and so much more.

Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024

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HR Heartbeat: New statutory holidays, deadlines for payroll estimates, and…

In our first HR Heartbeat of 2024, we look at what employers must have in place for the new statutory holiday in Manitoba, why businesses in Alberta must file their annual payroll estimates before the deadline and so much more.

Tuesday, Jan 09, 2024

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Five HR tech trends to watch out for in 2024

Discover BrightHR’s New Year HR-technology trends and predictions for 2024!

Monday, Jan 01, 2024

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