"There is now a lot less paperwork to fiddle about with, and a lot of time has been freed up in the processing and accessing of information."

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    Phillippa Bevin

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    HR and HS Officer

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The challenge

"We felt the time burden associated with a paper-based absence process was too great."

“As a small charity, absence can have a massively detrimental effect on how we support our stakeholders. After undergoing a period of rapid growth, the traditional paper-based method we were using was taking a lot of time and added to our process burden. We felt that a faster and more centralised method would be of more value to the company.”

Bespoke Supportive Tenancies Ltd (BeST) aren’t alone in this. Many businesses experience growing pains during periods of expansion. The admin associated with managing holidays and sickness can significantly detract from the time that managers and businesses spend working on their business. BrightHR is significantly faster than manual processes and scales with your business, so no matter how successful you become, your people processes won’t be a problem.

The solution

"BrightHR makes managing holidays and sickness simpler and faster."

BeST looked at a number of solutions but they felt BrightHR stood out in terms of cost and service. In addition, they felt our solution was a good choice for their team, stating: “It was very easy to learn how to use the software, and the quality of the mobile app made it stand out.”

BeST believes BrightHR has made it much easier for them to coordinate absences, making their processes much quicker and more streamlined.

"There is now a lot less paperwork to fiddle about with, and a lot of time has been freed up in the processing and accessing of information." BeST reports that their team has benefited from using BrightHR, saying: “We’ve seen our workforce benefiting because they can plan their lives better now without worrying about large paperwork piles.”

BrightHR is simple to set up, with the service team always on hand to help should customers need it. As Philippa says: “Throughout the whole process, BrightHR’s staff have been there to help us out. They are always friendly and very quick to respond to our queries.”

BrightHR helps you spend time effectively by taking the hassle away from holidays and sickness. “BrightHR is a great solution for us. I love the way their software has positively impacted the way in which we can organise our team,” says Philippa.

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