How to save your workplace Christmas party this year

Typical parties might make some of your staff uncomfortable this year, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate safely…

First published on Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020

Last updated on Thursday, Dec 02, 2021

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The new COVID variant might’ve put your usual Christmas party plans in jeopardy, because some staff could feel anxious about face-to-face meetings again. But that doesn’t mean you have to cancel celebrations altogether.

The past couple of years have been tough for both you and your staff, so it’s more important than ever that you take a moment to bring your team together and celebrate all that you’ve achieved.

And there are lots of simple and safe ways for you to toast the season. Here are three of our favourites…

1. Throw a virtual bash

We know you’re probably sick of video chats by now. But it is still a great way of getting all your staff together without breaking social distancing guidelines.

It doesn’t have to be your standard call either. You could create an epic Christmas quiz, host a team talent show, or even hire a comedian to provide some well-needed laughs.

Your guests could dress up for the occasion and for food, you could drop off a parcel full of festive treats and fizz for each of your employees to enjoy.

No matter what you decide, just remember to keep it fun, light-hearted and inclusive for all your staff.

2. Donate the money to a worthy cause

Christmas is a time to give back, and after some dizzying world events in recent history there are loads of charities that are desperate for donations.

So if you can spare the cash, you could choose to skip your Christmas party and donate to a deserving cause instead.

Make sure to involve your staff as much as possible and let them vote on which charity should get the money. It’ll make them feel part of the process and give both you and your team a boost knowing that you’re helping those in need.

3. Give your staff a Christmas bonus

Alternatively, you could take the money you would’ve spent on a party and give it to your staff. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the extra cash at this time of year, and it could help to make the season that little bit easier for them and their families.

It’s also worth noting that, as an employer, you can give your staff a tax-deductible gift worth £50. This can’t be cash (or a voucher that can be exchanged for cash) but as long as it costs less than £50, your employees won’t pay any tax on it.

So if you wanted to give your staff a gift that they can either keep or give to others this Christmas, such as kids toys or a food hamper, you can.

We’d love to know how you’re planning on celebrating Christmas at your workplace this year. Head to our Twitter or Instagram to share your festive snaps!

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