COVID passports for leisure, travel and… business?

The UK government is planning to introduce an NHS COVID Pass for entertainment and travel from September. But what does that mean for your business?

Monday, Aug 16, 2021
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No jab? No entry.

That could very well be the reality of UK life from the end of September, as the government looks to bring in an ‘NHS COVID Pass’.

But what is it? And what’s it got to do with your business?

Let’s take a look…

Why do I need the NHS COVID Pass?

Well, technically you don’t need it.

But if you’re looking to get out and about, it’d be wise to have this in your back pocket.

UK Ministers want ‘higher risk’ settings to make use of the NHS COVID Pass. They’re asking ‘large, crowded’ places, like nightclubs, to check that customers have a valid pass before going inside.

And travel. That’s the other thing. With the NHS COVID pass, you won’t have to quarantine when you get back from an amber-list country.

The UK isn’t the only one doing it, either. Some countries require you to prove your vaccination status before entering their borders. Luckily, more than 30 countries currently accept the NHS COVID Pass as proof.

For more information about the latest policies, head to the government’s official website. They cover exactly what the passes are, who can use them, and how to get them.

What does it mean for my business?

The government is only encouraging certain businesses to use the NHS COVID Pass. So, if you run a crowded indoor venue like a nightclub, then you may need to start asking to see an NHS COVID Pass from September onwards.

The same goes for if you hold large outdoor events like music festivals or spectator sports.

If your business doesn’t fall under any of these categories, then you don’t have to do anything just yet.

But remember, the NHS COVID Pass only helps you to monitor your customers’ COVID-19 vaccine statuses. It won’t help you to keep track of who’s had the vaccine in your business.

For that, you need VaccTrak.

Is there a way to track COVID vaccinations in my business?

VaccTrak is an online tool that lets you keep track of your employees’ vaccination statuses.

Simply, log in to record who’s had the first and second doses of the vaccine, and save images of vaccination cards for easy, speedy access. Plus, with VaccTrak, you can download regular vaccine reports to see your team’s progress in getting their COVID-19 jabs.

It even comes with exclusive online resources to help you raise awareness of the vaccine in your business and educate staff on its benefits. So don’t miss out…

Book your free demo to see how VaccTrak helps you to protect your people and your business.

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