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Helpful reports, user guides, infographics and document templates from the team here at BrightHR

Your guide to choosing the right HR software

4.37 MB

The right HR software can become the backbone of your business. But there’s lots to consider when choosing your provider.

From a handy checklist of the features you need to look for, to the risks that software can help you avoid, our Guide to HR Software covers it all.

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Bright Rewind: Your 2023 Wrapped

21.59 MB

Your remix of 2023’s employment trends is here! From sick day surges, last-minute holidays, and reoccurring lateness. Get unmissable tips to…

Display screen equipment set up guide

108.28 KB

This comprehensive poster is packed with expert tips and strategies to optimize your workstation for comfort and efficiency. Whether you're…

Annual leave policy

3.5 MB

All businesses have a legal obligation to provide paid vacation entitlement. So, we've provided you with a simple Annual Leave Policy…

Health concerns of working in cold temperatures

150.46 KB

Working in cold temperatures can pose serious health risks. It's crucial to understand these dangers to stay safe and healthy. This poster…

2024 employment laws unwrapped

971.97 KB

As we gear up to hit 2024, it’s your responsibility as an employer to keep tabs on any changes in employment law. Read our guide to make…

Top challenges for SME business owners

1.9 MB

We surveyed business owners like you, and they told us their biggest challenges and fears for this year… Download the report for our take on…