The importance of employee monitoring software

Keep track of your staff to ensure greater productivity

If you want to keep track of your workforce on a daily basis, you can use technology to keep track of their activities.

Fully automated employee monitoring software is one example. With it your managers can appreciate the efforts of each member of their team. But they can also work out why dips in productivity and missed KPIs potentially started.

In this guide, we explore what employee management technology can provide for your business.

And, remember, our full range of HR software to take advantage of modern technology in the workplace.

What’s an EMS?

Employee management software (also called an EMS or an employee management system) is a popular method of managing your staff’s various activities.

For example, you can use one to monitor employee internet usage. This would be to make sure they’re completing their tasks, rather than visiting their various social media accounts (or generally procrastinating).

Other reasons your line managers will appreciate an EMS are for keeping track of:

  • Attendance: You can monitor login and logout time to understand your employees’ physical activity.
  • Idle time: Data gathered here can provide managers with an understanding of working hours lacking in productivity.
  • Flexible schedules: If you have employees working flexitime, then the software can help keep track of their working hours with you.
  • For remote employees: The same goes for any staff members working from home, you can monitor their activities so ensure they’re committed to their role.
  • Tracking overtime: If an employee works longer hours then the software will track all of that for you, ensuring the individual receives the appropriate wage.

The benefits of employee computer monitoring software

There are various advantages to using this HR technology. Some of these are:

  • Higher productivity rates.
  • Proactive internet usage.
  • Limiting procrastination.
  • Reduce employee oversight possibilities.
  • Encourage staff to follow best company practices.
  • Visibility and traceability of employee activities.
  • Determine optimal department size.

While the internet is a powerful tool that’s allowed many businesses to grow, its ability to waste time is also well noted.

With an employee database software you have an effective platform to filter out time-wasting behaviour. You can, for example, block certain websites across the internet—social media platforms are a popular choice for businesses large and small.

How to use small business employee management software

If you see an opportunity to increase productivity and business transparency with this technology, how can you introduce it?

The standard practice is to assign a project manager to oversee the implementation of your monitoring needs. In other words, you can set it up however best suits you to keep track of activity.

Legally, you’ll have to inform your workforce about the arrival of this new software.

This may be difficult for some employees to accept for two reasons. Some may believe it infringes on their rights to privacy, while others may think it blocks them from light entertainment during their breaks.

Ultimately, it’s the decision of your business. Once it’s installed and up and running, you can generate data reports and delegate who has access to the information you gather.

The types employee management system features

When broken down into three categories:

  1. Productivity: Using analytical and reporting options, you can see which employees are making the most of their working time and resources.
  2. Surveillance: Track employee output on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This helps you understand what your productivity is like across each department.
  3. Project management: Distribute and track tasks to your employees and managers as required, with the analytical tools able to track the effectiveness of your processes.

All of which helps to reduce wasted time, decrease the administrative workload across your business, and improve your productivity.

Small and large businesses use the software for just that across the world.

You can also take advantage to find an extra edge in pushing your organisation towards greater achievements.

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