Upgrade your clocking system with Blip, a free mobile app for BrightHR customers.

Blip allows you to keep an eye on when your staff are working.

There are no old-fashioned clocking cards that you’ll forget in a filing cabinet somewhere. Just one app that tracks and records your team’s work hours.

Need help? See our full instructions on how to set up Blip for your business.

Blip user guide


Your staff use the app to scan a QR code—a type of barcode—when they arrive or leave work.


Each time they scan the code, Blip records them as clocked in or out.


Use the app to track when your staff are working.


Export the data and save it as a spreadsheet.

How do I bring Blip into my workplace?

It’s really simple. You generate a QR code through the app. Print off as many as you like and dot them around your workplace—just make sure your staff can see them when they come in or out.

When an employee scans a QR code using the built-in scanner, Blip logs:

  • Their name
  • The date
  • The time they arrived or left work

You can view this information for your whole team but employees can only see their own history.

How will Blip benefit me and my team?

Keeping a record of when your staff get in and leave work is near impossible if you don’t have a process in place. And by that we mean more than just scribbling on a scrap of paper.

With Blip, you can export your team’s data and save it as a spreadsheet so you can spot any absence patterns and address any issues.

That’s not all. Using Blip will encourage your staff to arrive on time and work their full hours.

How do I get started?

With Blip, there’s no long wait for delivery or to have someone install it. Just download it and log in using your BrightHR email address and password.

Set it up for your team in minutes—it won’t cost you a penny.

Need help? See our full instructions on how to set up Blip for your business.

Blip user guide