Redundancy navigator tool

Get expert online tools and 24/7 advice to make redundancy as stress-free as possible.

  • checkUse our step-by-step redundancy guide to help you meet UK redundancy laws.
  • checkAccess a complete library of redundancy guides, templates and webinars.
  • checkKeep all your redundancy docs safe and secure in unlimited cloud-based storage.
  • checkGet 24/7 confidential advice on how to carry out fair and legal redundancies.

Reduce your risk with our secure online tool

Making redundancies is tough. Because even the smallest of mistakes could see you face employment tribunals and hefty legal penalties.

So don’t risk it. Protect your business with our new redundancy navigator tool.

  • checkFollow our step-by-step redundancy guide to cut your legal risk.
  • checkDownload exclusive redundancy templates to free up your time and help you stay compliant.
  • checkEnjoy unlimited online storage for all your redundancy docs. Keep them safe and secure in case of an employment tribunal.

Get 24/7 redundancy advice

Redundancy is a complex process. So let us help you get it right…

Call BrightAdvice, our employment law helpline, for instant answers to all your redundancy queries.

Our team of qualified UK-based experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give you fast advice on how to meet UK redundancy laws.

BrightHR’s online redundancy navigator tool comes as standard in all packages…

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