Working Life

January - 2020

Breaking News: Tribunal rules that ‘ethical veganism’ is a philosophical belief

A Tribunal has ruled that ‘ethical veganism’ is a ‘philosophical belief’ and is covered by the Equality Act 2010. Here’s how it affects the workplace.

December - 2019

How to get your team in the festive spirit (without the chaos of a Christmas party)

A party may be tradition, but there could be better ways to bring your team together this Christmas…

November - 2019

World Vegan Day 2019: Why it matters in your workplace

It’s official—veganism has hit the mainstream. We explore what this means for employment law and your workplace in 2019.

October - 2019

World Menopause Day 2019: How to support women in the workplace

We explore how menopause affects women in the workplace and what you can do to help shake the stigma.

July - 2019

Should you rethink your uniform policy in a heatwave?

With the UK set to have its hottest day on record, we discuss whether you should consider relaxing your uniform policy.

February - 2019

6 tips to planning a stress-free work’s Christmas party

Here’s how to make sure the consequences of your Christmas party don’t cause you an even bigger headache the next day.

July - 2018

4 reasons why you should talk to your staff in the lift

Riding the work lift doesn’t have to be awkward. Here are four reasons to chat to your staff on ‘talk in an elevator day’.

April - 2018

6 ways to handle a heatwave in the workplace

Find out how to tackle the sweltering temperatures in your workplace

November - 2017

The unworkable culture of ‘busyness’

Being busy has become a bit of status symbol. But what’s behind this and why is it leading to problems?

October - 2017

The 10 stages of the conference call

It’s no wonder not many people like them.