Working Life

October - 2017

How much time are you wasting at work?

The answer is probably a lot

September - 2017

Why work so hard, work smart instead

It instantly sounds more appealing, right?

August - 2017

Why are you working so hard? Is it time to start working lazy?

We think it's time.

Office slides, who’s to blame: Google, Pat Sharp, Jeff Tracy or Bill Murray?

The office slide has become a trend of late. But where has this trend come from and who planted the idea in our heads? We explore some of the potential origins.

July - 2017

The impact of noise in the workplace

It affects everyone in different ways

Why are we so suspicious? The truth about working from home

Are employers unfairly suspicious?

June - 2017

Are you being monitored at work? Big Brother vs Big Benefits

Does software come with cons as well as the obvious pros?

How to improve creative thinking by working lazy

The new way to work

How to stop overcomplicating things at work

It starts with you.

The technology you need to help you work lazy

Here's ten of the best