HR Insurance

HR insurance: An extra layer of protection

If one of your employees took you to a tribunal right now, can you cover the cost of defending yourself? That's where BrightHR Insure can help

  • Choose optional insurance cover for your legal costs
  • Get support with your expenses during employee disputes
  • Protect yourself in unfair dismissal claims for up to £1 million

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Cover that protects your business and your wallet

Employment tribunal costs can put an unnecessary strain on your business. If you go to a tribunal and lose, you could end up forking out thousands in compensation.

BrightHR Insure can help you both prevent employee issues from escalating to legal disputes AND cover your costs if they do.

  • If your business ever comes under investigation, BrightHR Insure can step in
  • Enjoy coverage from Irwell insurance, rated AM Best B++ Good for financial stability
  • Defend your business without the stress of financial strain
Hr Insurance

It’s easy to land in hot water with changing employment laws

But BrightHR Insure can soften the blow when things go wrong.

You can read the full policy details below:

Hr Advice line

What our customers say about BrightHR

Using BrightHR makes us much more organised and centralises our processes, making it quicker for us to manage sickness and holidays.

Nottingham Credit Union

What our customers say about BrightHR

BrightHR is a user-friendly system and the team are on hand to answer any questions we ever have. I would highly recommend BrightHR.

Deborah Gillespie @ Change, Recruitment Group

What our customers say about BrightHR

Our staff absolutely love using the system and the ease of booking holidays and clocking in using Blip. Customer service is amazing...

Steven Greenall @ Cornerstone Children’s Home

What our customers say about BrightHR

Health & safety support backed by policies and advice

With BrightHR’s extensive library of employment law documents, policies, and advice, we’d like to think you have the support and legal guidance you need to protect yourself.

But it’s better to be overprepared than to fall short when it matters the most. With our optional insurance, it’s simply available to you if you need it.

  • Access a library of expertly written HR documents that you can customise, and roll out easily
  • Get expert advice on managing risks and preventing legal action
  • Meet your legal obligations, knowing you’re covered with HR insurance
HR Support

Have questions about your insurance policy?

Reach a team of qualified HR experts for 24/7 straightforward advice that helps you understand your rights and coverage.

Whether you’re updating yourself on the latest legislation or need urgent advice, our phoneline is always available.

  • Pick up where you left off with a confidential call log
  • Get up-to-date advice minus the jargon
  • Be better prepared to manage employee disputes and grievances

Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

Never be understaffed thanks to easy-to-use absence management software that gives you real-time notifications and EAP resources for extended sick leave.

Make your staff holiday management a breeze. Approve holiday requests on the go, get notified of clashes, and get a single view of your entire teams schedule.

Create, assign, and edit shifts and rotas with ease across ANY working pattern. Plus bring flexibility with our new open shifts feature.

Get a real-time view of who’s clocked in, out, or on a break by letting staff clock their own hours on our Blip App

Avoid costly mistakes with our step-by-step planner that helps you avoid tribunals and penalties with a compliant process, unlimited advice, and expert HR templates.

Get the right person for the job every time by tracking, storing, organising, and managing your applicants from job openings to onboarding.

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Q. What is an HR insurance policy?

An HR insurance policy is designed to protect your business or help cover your costs if an employee takes you to tribunal. Ideal for business owners, having HR or employment insurance coverage can help you to protect your business in the event of an employee dispute, unfair dismissal claim, or indirect discrimination claims.

Q. What does HR/employment insurance cover?

Q. How much can unfair dismissal awards be?

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