Working Life

June - 2017

Are you being monitored at work? Big Brother vs Big Benefits

Does software come with cons as well as the obvious pros?

How to improve creative thinking by working lazy

The new way to work

How to stop overcomplicating things at work

It starts with you.

The technology you need to help you work lazy

Here's ten of the best

May - 2017

Working a double - 5 problems you’ll understand working in a bar

Are your shoes a little sticky?

Does better connectivity come at a price?

Technology is changing the world and whilst there are benefits these can come at a price. Guest blogger, Sally Phillips, looks at the issues of our increasingly connected world.

Getting in the zone - how to achieve flow states at work

Being in a ‘flow state’ or ‘in the zone’ can help you perform at your most productive. But how do you get into the zone at work, and what are the benefits?

April - 2017

How to change the dull and boring workplace

We look at how office art can do more than brighten a dull and boring workplace.

December - 2016

Why it’s right to hate spreadsheets

These blasted cells!

Getting your business ready for new year success

On your marks, set...