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Who Enforces Labour Standards

Providing your staff with a safe place to work, paying them correctly, and making sure they take the right number of breaks is essential for…

Tips and Gratuities

Receiving tips from customers is one of the major benefits of working in some industries. Waiters/waitresses, taxi drivers, baristas, and…

Continuity of Employment

Businesses can change ownership from time to time, but what happens to employees once this happens is extremely important. The last thing…


Occasionally, an employee may raise a concern surrounding their job role, happiness, or management. This is completely normal for any…

Employment Law

Employment Law

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Despite years of progress, there’s still an amount of gender inequality in the workplace. Paying employees correctly and equality should be…

Employee Record Retention

As an employer, you’re required to maintain employee records for each member of staff. These confidential records must be kept during and…

Statutory Holidays

Christmas Day, Canada Day, and Thanksgiving are just some of the holidays we celebrate in Canada. As an employer, you have a legal…

Minimum Wage Increase

The Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) outlines the responsibilities and rights of employers when it comes to pay. Changes are made to…

Termination of Employment

As an employer, it’s unavoidable that staff will leave your company. However, it isn’t just as simple as their employment coming to an end…


In recent times, life expectancy has increased and financial stresses are like never before. Leading to people having longer working lives…

Accidents at Work

As an employer, you have a responsibility to make sure your workplace is as safe as possible. Accidents at work can happen, but how you…

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