Accident & Near Miss Reporting

Incident and injury/illness reporting made easy

There’s no room for delays when it comes to workplace health & safety. That’s why our real-time reporting tools give you the round-the-clock support you need

  • Report injuries/illnesses from anywhere on the BrightSafe app
  • Lower your risk of injury/illness with incident reporting
  • Instant advice from our AI powered question and answer service
  • Create a digital trail proving you’ve followed the right process

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Restore health & safety stability with complete incident management

Injuries/illnesses happen. But following the right process can help you meet health & safety standards to protect your staff and meet your legal obligations.

  • Use BrightSafe’s app to report an injuries/illness in minutes
  • Assign responsibilities for investigation
  • Upload documents, pictures, and even videos to your reports
  • Recieve advice on next steps and authorities you may need to inform
  • Get 24/7 support from health & safety experts
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Don’t let incidents turn into injuries/illnesses

In the daily rush, it’s easy to let little things slip through the cracks. Like if one of your employees nearly falls, or if a heavy tool falls and almost hits a worker.

Sure, no one is hurt—but the next time it happens, someone could get injured.

  • Submit detailed incident reports
  • Allow responsible personnel to follow up with an investigation
  • Maintain a timeline of incident reports to ensure a digital paper trail
  • Get instant general advice on next steps
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Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

Access exclusive courses that have been developed in line with industry standards and regulations—so you can always be confident that your staff are getting first-class training.

Stay in the loop, update reports and reach a team of health and safety experts even when you’re out of the office with the BrightSafe On The Go app.

Stay up-to-date with health & safety tasks by easily distributing responsibilities, plus handy reminders. BrightSafe makes managing and planning tasks easy.

Reach a team of qualified health & safety experts for 24/7 straightforward advice that helps you tackle any challenge. Be prepared for inspections with confidential advice.

Keep ahead of workplace risks with over 200+ compliant risk assessment templates that make it easy to create expert documents that meet industry standards and reduce risks.

Our AI-powered Bright BrAInbox tool has 5000+ hr questions and answers based on the top questions from customers and changes in legislation.

Manage health & safety on the go

When it comes to injuries/illnesses and incidents, you need to act fast. Our BrightSafe On The Go app lets you manage health & safety tasks from anywhere and at any time.

  • Browse and update risk assessments
  • Record incidents and injuries/illnesses in real time
  • Identify and upload photos for new hazards
  • Download health & safety documents on your mobile
  • Assign your staff health & safety e-learning courses
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See end-to-end health & safety software in action

It’s better to be BrightSafe than sorry. And you can explore exactly how we keep you on track with your legal health & safety obligations with our software tools and resources.

From a library of health & safety document templates and user-friendly reporting tools to 24/7 advice and an on-the-go app, watch our short video to see how they all work together. Or experience a personalized tour of BrightSafe by booking a free demo directly with our software experts.

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A Guide to H&S Software

A Guide to H&S Software

Monday, Nov 13, 2023

A guide to health and safety software

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Our guide to choosing a health & safety software comes complete with a checklist of features you need to look for, and insight into the right time to invest in your system.

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Q. QuestionWhat do I need to report when an incidents and injuries/illnesses at work happens?

The detail you provide about an injury/illness at work will depend on the type of injury/illness you’re reporting. Some basic information that will apply to all injury/illness logs is the name of the injured worker, their address, the reporter’s details, where and when the injury/illness occurred, and what actions were taken to restore the health of the affected worker/s and the work site.

Our injury/illness and reporting tool covers it all AND gives you advice on the next steps you may need to take to restore health & safety and alert the relevant governing bodies. So, you don’t need to stress about missing a step.

Q. QuestionWho do I need to alert when an injury/illness occurs at work?

Q. QuestionWhat is an incident in health & safety?

Q. QuestionDo I still need to fill in paperwork if I use work health & safety software?

Q. QuestionHow much is accident and near-miss reporting software?

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