Reaching New Heights: BrightHR Hits Milestone in Australia

Award-winning smart HR software, BrightHR, has reached a milestone in Australia with over 20,000 businesses now using their transformative people management tools. Since its initial launch, the company has experienced an increase in uptake and daily usage.

David Price, CEO at BrightHR ANZ, commented,

“We’re absolutely thrilled to see this scale of growth. Not only is it a credit to our customer loyalty here in Australia, it also demonstrates the global demand for smart, reliable, HR software.”

“To date, managers and staff using BrightHR have logged 128,000 staff holidays and clocked in to work 3.1 million times. We are excited to continue supporting small businesses, helping them save time and money, and allowing them to focus on successfully growing their businesses,” concluded Mr Price.

Jessica Van Der Walt, Head of Operations at BrightHR ANZ commented

“[1]With the cost-of-living continuously rising and with mounting challenges around employee retention and recruitment[2]; business owners need to be able to think freely. BrightExchange, a world first for a HR company, was launched for this very reason.”

“BrightExchange allows users to create unlimited adverts for 140,000 potential local users at absolutely zero cost. Clients have the opportunity to advertise their products and services on the marketplace and share exclusive perks and discounts with other business owners.”

“BrightHR has a whole suite of tools which helps managers navigate the entire employee lifecycle. After having observed the many difficulties, businesses were having hiring in a tight recruitment market last year; the company launched their Turbo Talent Navigator, an all-in-one platform designed to help SMEs snatch up top talent.”

Jessica Van Der Walt further commented,

“While recruitment is undoubtedly important, retaining employees is key to any business’s success. Training also plays a crucial role in ensuring staff are fully equipped to handle an ever-changing world and evolving job needs.”

“Our brand-new online micro-learning platform, BrightLearn, is designed to educate employers and employees on a wide range of HR topics anytime, anywhere. And as a company that champions small businesses, we offer this feature to Bright customers at no extra cost.”

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