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Management talk

Let’s talk about equal pay

Monday 18th September is International Equal Pay Day 2023. Get expert advice on equal pay to protect and prepare your business this International Equal Pay Day and beyond…

Monday, Sep 18, 2023

Management talk

An employer’s guide to parental leave

Read BrightHR’s advice for supporting new parents on your team, learn the rules on parental leave, and make sure you comply with the latest employment relations advice.

Friday, Sep 01, 2023

Management talk

The assertive advantage: Why effective communication is key for managers and their teams

Find out why assertiveness should be in every manager's toolkit and how you can start improving your communication style today.

Monday, Aug 07, 2023

Management talk

How to prepare for last-minute staff substitutes ahead of the Women’s World Cup 2023

Prepare for team changes! Get advice to manage annual leave and unplanned absences ahead of The Women’s World Cup 2023.

Thursday, Jul 20, 2023

Management talk

An employer’s guide to effective communication: How to be a better ally for your LGBTQ+ staff this June and beyond

June is Pride Month 2023! Learn how to improve communication in your workplace, take steps to promote inclusivity in your organization, and become a better ally for your LGBTQ+ staff this June and beyond.

Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023

Management talk

Transforming HR for a Changing World

In honour of International HR Day 2023, Jess Van Der Walt, Head of Operations at BrightHR ANZ shares her thoughts on what HR means in a dramatically changing world. From the role of AI to the ethics of global values, she talks about it all.

Monday, Jun 05, 2023

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