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Mandatory leave: Can you force staff to take time off?

Shutting up shop over Christmas? Find out whether you can tell staff to use their annual leave.

July 2017

Bright Sparks with… Andrew Ramwell, Know & Do

For our second instalment of the Bright Sparks series, we’ve enlisted the brain of Andrew Ramwell, leadership expert and founder of specialist SME consultancy Know and Do.

Why are we so suspicious? The truth about working from home

Are employers unfairly suspicious?

The shifting problems of a manager

5 ways to empower your employees

Are you looking for empowered and engaged employees? You need to start with the management

Accessing your documents on the go with BrightHR

If you're not using BrightHR, you're not making your life easier when it comes to accessing your documents on the go. Start today.

Are you ready for the summer holiday season?

Summer holidays are fast approaching. But are you ready for the potential last-minute holiday requests? We give you some helpful tips on how to handle them.

June 2017

Are you being monitored at work? Big Brother vs Big Benefits

Does software come with cons as well as the obvious pros?

How to deal with too many meetings: Work lazy

Work lazy!

How to improve creative thinking by working lazy

The new way to work

How to stop overcomplicating things at work

It starts with you.