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Mandatory leave: Can you force staff to take time off?

Shutting up shop over Christmas? Find out whether you can tell staff to use their annual leave.

May 2017

Does better connectivity come at a price?

Technology is changing the world and whilst there are benefits these can come at a price. Guest blogger, Sally Phillips, looks at the issues of our increasingly connected world.

Getting in the zone - how to achieve flow states at work

Being in a ‘flow state’ or ‘in the zone’ can help you perform at your most productive. But how do you get into the zone at work, and what are the benefits?

How can you improve mental health in the workplace?

Put your employees first with our 5 ways to improve mental health in your workplace, including compassionate communication, workload management, and support.

April 2017

How to change the dull and boring workplace

Creativity never sleeps

The shifting problems of a bar manager

Perhaps we can offer you the solution...

We’ve added Shifts & Rotas to BrightHR

Prepare to change the way you create rotas and edit shifts for you employees

The New Workforce - putting the systems in place

What does the future of your business look like?

Why creating the staff rota is like making the perfect cocktail

Everything requires a delicate mix...

5 trends any bar manager needs to look out for

Being a bar manager can be tough. Stay vigilant

March 2017

The 4 simple things you need to cut small business costs

Small businesses have to monitor their spending more than most