We think the best way to get to know BrightHR is to get everybody using it. If you or any member of your team are having issues we are always here to help.

The total ‘Absence taken’ refers to the number of times an employee has had time off in the selected vacation year. The total ‘Vacation taken’ shows how many days vacation an employee has used.

You don’t change who the employee reports to, you change who the managers manage. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Head to the Permissions page, which you‘ll find under Settings. You’ll then need to assign ‘Manager’ permissions to the person you want your employees to report to.

To do this, select a name in the ‘Person’ field. If they aren’t already a manager, select ‘Manager’ from the drop-down list.

Then, choose the employee (or employees) that you want this person to manage and click on the ‘Save’ button. The manager’s name will then appear in the ‘Reports to’ field on the employee’s profile.

Head to the ‘Employee hub’ and click on the profile of the employee you want to send a registration email to.​

Then, click on the ‘Send registration email’ link underneath their profile picture. You’ll need to do this for each employee you want to send a registration email to.

If you can’t see the link on an employee’s profile, they’ll have already received a registration email and signed up to BrightHR.

If your employee said that they didn't receive the email the first time, ask them to check their spam folder. You should also check that you have the right email address in their contact details.


Go to BrightHR.com/ca or BrightHR.com. Hover over ‘Login’ and ensure you select Canada for country. Once the next page has loaded, click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link. Enter your email address and select ‘Send new password’.

We will then send you an email with a secure link for you to reset your password. You should then be able to log into your BrightHR account.

Please ensure you are using BrightHR.com/ca or selecting Canada when logging in using BrightHR.com

Blip is a free mobile app for BrightHR customers. It’s a clocking system that lets you keep an eye on your staff’s work hours.

Find out more about how Blip works.

To ensure your regular employees are setup correctly, we strongly recommend you create all their working time patterns first.

Working time patterns represent the days and times an employee works in a given one-week period. We do not support multiple week patterns at this time.

We have a 9 to 5 pattern already created for you, but you can create as many more as you like. You can also select a ‘default’ pattern to assign all new employees automatically. You can always change this later.

To create a pattern, give your pattern a name and select the days, times and breaks. You can even make it a Default pattern if you want new regular employees to be automatically assigned to it.

To assign a new pattern to the employees, go to employee profile under employee hub. Under contract and vacation summary, select the applicable pattern and save and update.

To share a document with the entire team, use the company folder, select the document and click ‘Notify Company’. The document will be shared with all the employees at the same time.

To upload documents for a particular employee, click into an employee’s folder and select ‘Upload a document’.

Click ‘Browse’ and select the file to be uploaded. You can choose whether or not you make that document visible to the employee.

Once you add teams, a documents folder for each team will be created and all the members of that team will have a folder.

Before you can apply carry over vacation for your employees, enable the feature by going to settings.

To apply carried over vacation, go to employee hub and select the employee. Ensure the year selected is the one that the carry over is being applied to, add the days or hours carried over and click.

There’s a handy “how to” guide within the mobile app. Simple head over the main menu and select “getting started”.

There’s a handy “how to” guide within the mobile app. Simple head over the main menu and select “getting started”.