The evolution of BrightHR

October 2020

6 million Blips!

We've reached 6 million blips! We're so proud to have achieved this global milestone #NowIsTheBrightTime.

October 2020

Get expert advice even quicker

Now you can use your BrightHR app to call one of our expert HR advisors in a tap.

October 2020

Enable notifications via the new Settings page

Get handy notifications about new updates and features via the BrightHR app. This is will be automatically enabled and can be managed via the new Settings page.

October 2020

Celebratory animations

Employees will now see fun animations on their birthday or work anniversary, helping to improve employee engagement!

September 2020

Smart Reminders

With our new Smart Reminders feature, users will receive a handy reminder to clock out when they’re due to finish their shift, all based on their BrightHR working pattern or rota!

August 2020

5 million Blips

Just 3 months after we hit 4 million global clock-ins, we've now surpassed a massive 5 million!

August 2020

Read receipts

Admins and managers can now request read receipts from their employees when uploading documents into the company folder. Plus with real-time updates, check the date and time that your employee has viewed the document.

August 2020

Blip reminders

You asked for it, and we listened. You can now set reminders to end your breaks and clock out. Just set the duration of your shift or break and Blip will send you an automatic notification.

June 2020

New look ‘Who’s off today’ dashboard tile

Our newly designed 'Who's off today' tile gives clients a detailed insight into the absences within their business, making the approval process much easier. 

June 2020

Update to the Blip timesheet report

Admins & managers can now generate a report that will show the number of shifts and hours worked, break duration & the total hours worked excluding breaks.

May 2020

4 million Blips

Another milestone for Blip! After reaching 3 million global clock-ins in February, we have now surpassed 4 million.

May 2020

Get your business back on it’s feet with BrightHR’s Back to Work Navigator

The brand-new hub that helps you manage all your back to work processes in one place.

April 2020

Protect your staff’s privacy with Blip

Admins can now set geolocations as private so the details of employees' home addresses remain hidden.

April 2020

Send alerts with BrightHR

Admins and Managers can now use BrightHR to send alerts directly to employees through the notifications tab in settings.

March 2020

Blip geo

Blip's geolocation feature is now available to help you manage staff working from different locations. 

February 2020

3 million Blips

Blip usage keeps growing. Less than 3 months after passing 2 million global clock-ins, we surpassed 3 million.

January 2020

New feature: Employees requesting absences using TOIL balance

Employees can now create absence requests using their TOIL balance and submit to their Manager for approval.

December 2019

New feature: Notification of personal information updates

Managers and Administrators are now alerted of updates to employee personal information to help you make sure records are kept up to date.

November 2019

2 million Blips

Blip usage keeps growing. Less than 6 months after passing 1 million global clock-ins, we surpassed 2 million.

October 2019

Australia and New Zealand launch

BrightHR's award-winning software is now available in Australia & New Zealand. 

August 2019

New feature: PoP by BrightHR

Manage staff expenses with ease and approve them on the go. 

June 2019

New feature: Document reminders

Get instant notifications for important dates, such as when it’s time to renew an employee’s driving licence.

June 2019

New feature: Notes

Make notes against employee profiles so you can jot down any important information.

May 2019

1 million Blips

Soon after celebrating Blip's 1st birthday, we surpassed more than 1 million global clock-ins.

October 2018

New feature: Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

This new feature lets you keep a record of the TOIL your staff earn and help them to book TOIL as an absence. 

September 2018

New calendar

Enjoy an easier-to-use calendar with a grid view and new filters.

September 2018

Ireland launch

BrightHR’s now available in Ireland.

July 2018

Variable hour employee lateness

Check lateness for casual workers on your app.

July 2018

Extra absence types

Choose from more absence types like adoption and shared parental leave.

July 2018

New and improved employee profile

Based on customer feedback, we made the employee profile easier to use and with a clearer absence tab.

May 2018

Update to mobile planner

Based on customer feedback we improved the planner on our mobile app.

May 2018

Assign start date to working time pattern

Set a working time pattern from a specific date in the past.

May 2018

Vacation entitlement in hours

Regular employees can now enter their vacation request in hours and minutes.

April 2018

Share documents securely

Control whether to share or hide important documents from your staff.

April 2018

New feature: Blip by BrightHR

Free clocking in and out app available to BrightHR customers.

March 2018

Canada mobile launch

BrightHR’s now available on mobile in Canada.

January 2018

Employee start date and leave year

Amend an employee’s start date or leave year on their profile.

December 2017

Vacation carryover

Carry over leftover annual leave into the next year for your staff.

October 2017

Payroll exceptions report

Download this new report to see all approved absences over a set period. This will help you to complete payroll.

September 2017

Variable hour employees

Set up BrightHR for staff that work casual or irregular hours.

September 2017

Canada launch

BrightHR’s now available on desktop in Canada.

August 2017

Schedule improvements

Update includes being able to remove shifts from schedules, add notes to shifts and access schedules on your mobile.

August 2017

BrightHR Alexa skill

Ask Alexa who is absent today and get a response without stopping your work. Plus, say “brewlette” and Alexa will randomly pick one of your team to make a cuppa.

January 2017

New feature: Shifts and schedules

Enjoy a simpler way to make shifts and schedules. Plus, share them with your staff instantly.

August 2016

Vacation requests conflict

Get a notification when multiple staff request the same time off.

August 2016

Sickness timeline

View a timeline of logged sickness.

May 2016

Ongoing absence notifications

Get prompts to ask an employee to record their first day back to work.

March 2016

Android mobile app

BrightHR’s mobile app now available to Android users.

March 2016

New feature: Document storage

Keep all of your employee documents in one place with unlimited HR document storage.

November 2015

First release of BrightHR

Features include:

  • Regular employees.
  • Seven-day working time patterns.
  • BrightHR iOS mobile app.