Book & approve holidays

The nightmare of holiday request forms is officially a thing of the past, yay!

Bring back the excitement of booking holidays to your business. Your employees don’t need to worry and waste time when attempting to book time off. The calendar view gives managers all the information they need to make a decision instantly, making the whole process quicker and altogether less stressful, allowing your business to run smoothly while your team are recharging their batteries.

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Track lateness & log sickness

Sometimes life gets in the way of work so make sure your business is firing on all cylinders.

Lateness, sickness and long-term absence from work is challenging so our HR management system notifies managers instantly, enabling you to quickly organise relief staff and view absence patterns. This means you can pro-actively manage employee absence and support your team when it needs you the most, helping employees get back to work quicker and reducing the likelihood of future absences.

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Scan important documents

Scan and store important documents using your camera phone

Need an employee to provide a fit note? With the BrightHR app it’s easy. Our new document scanner allows employees to take a picture of a document with their phone; it automatically identifies the edges of the document, crops the image and then uploads straight into your secure online system.

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