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Management talk

Management talk

Troubled by back-to-work misconduct? Here’s what you can do

People are returning to workspaces, and you might be noticing some teething pains. So, what’re the best methods when dealing with misconduct?

Thursday, Aug 19, 2021

Management talk

It’s time for an HR audit!

Measure your HR performance against sound criteria.

Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Management talk

Making absence management faster

The last thing you need as a business owner is more admin. And that's why companies like ours exist: to reduce the admin burden, to save you money and to free up your time so you can grow your business.

Friday, Jul 16, 2021

Management talk

Four-day working week: Is it too good to be true?

Could your business benefit from a four-day working week? Or is it just an HR fad? Read on to learn more.

Thursday, Jul 15, 2021

Management talk

Four reasons why you should embrace flexible working

Want to boost employee productivity and reduce staff absence? Try flexible working.

Wednesday, Jul 07, 2021

Management talk

Return to work: How to handle anxious employees

With your province gradually reopening, you may be preparing for a return to the workplace. But what if your staff wants to continue working from home?

Monday, Jul 05, 2021

Management talk

Six easy ways to champion team communication

The saying “it’s good to talk” doesn’t just relate to personal relationships. Team communication plays a major role in keeping staff engaged and productive.

Monday, Jun 21, 2021

Management talk

5 steps to dog-proofing your workplace

Are your employees asking you to bring their dogs into work? Read our guide first.

Friday, Jun 04, 2021

Management talk

5 ways you can empower your employees

Are you looking for empowered and engaged employees? You need to start with the management

Monday, May 24, 2021

Management talk

Should you encourage employee friendships?

Having friends at work can make the daily grind more bearable for your employees. But what does it mean for your business? Let’s find out.

Friday, Apr 30, 2021

Management talk

Can I make my employees take the COVID-19 vaccine?

As Canada’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan picks up pace, lots of employers are asking the same question: Can I make the vaccine shot mandatory for all my staff? We explain what you should do to keep your people and business safe.

Monday, Mar 01, 2021

Management talk

It’s the little things: Five quick tips for small business owners

Whoever coined the term ‘it’s the little things’ was absolutely right. It works in so many areas of our lives when it comes to having gratitude and making things work.

Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

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