Social Media and Work

The use of social media has become commonplace since the turn of the millennium. In the workplace, this is no different and these platforms are used on a regular basis by both employers, and employees.

It’s important to make your staff aware of how to act when using social media. Failure to do so could lead to confidential information being leaked, or employees becoming distracted from their work.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how your employees should behave on social media, how to create an effective social media policy, and the importance of getting it right.

What are the dos and don’ts of social media?

When it comes to social media at work, there are many things that your employees should be aware of.

You need to make it clear to your staff what they can and can’t do, as well as the negatives of social media in the workplace. Do’s:

  • Encourage your employees to include their job roles on their social media platforms. But ensure they mention that any views expressed aren’t those of the company and completely their own.
  • Encourage your employees to post about any out-of-work social events and company culture on their personal platforms.
  • Don’t allow your employees to post anything on their social media that can be seen as threatening, harassing, or bullying to other colleagues.
  • Make sure your employees don’t spend excess time on social media during the working day. This will have a direct effect on the quality of work, as well as potentially distracting other colleagues.
  • Don’t post any confidential information about customers, colleagues, or the company.
  • Explain to your staff that using social media at work can lead to a decrease in productivity and engagement. Make sure you educate your employees on the potential harms of negative posts. Warn them around complaining about work on social media.

Social media laws in the workplace

Although there aren’t any work-related social media laws in Canada, negative posts about your business could be seen as derogatory and defamation.

It’s important you create a clear social media policy and include it in your employee handbook. Make sure this policy is signed off by both employer and employee when employment commences.

Why do you need a social media policy?

A social media at work policy sets out clear your company’s guidelines and requirements around social media use. There are many reasons why it’s important to have a social media policy:

  • Ensures you’re protected from potential legal challenges after educating your employees.
  • Helps to prevent potential security breaches by making sure no one posts about customers or clients. The last thing you want is a PR crisis on your hands.
  • Makes sure all member of staff know their responsibilities when it comes to social media at work.

What should you include in a social media policy?

To make sure your policy is clear and effective for your employees, including the following:

  • The rules around social media posting. For example, any confidential information about customers or colleagues.
  • You should also make it clear who’s allowed to speak for your company on social media. For example, you may have a PR team that handles all of your online presence.
  • Any acceptable content allowed to be posted about the company, for example, team-building exercises.
  • Make any disciplinary procedures surrounding inappropriate social media behaviour clear. This can be verbal warnings or terminations for more than one offence.
  • Make sure your employees are aware of what they can and can’t post as per industry regulations.

Get help with your workplace social media today with BrightHR

Making sure your employees use social media correctly is highly important. You need to ensure they know what’s allowed and what isn’t when it comes to social media and work, failure to do so could lead to a PR disaster for your company.

If you need assistance with your workplace social media, BrightHR has a handy tool that will make the whole process easier for you.

Our HR document storage tool allows you to store your social media policy on the cloud for you to make changes whenever required.

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