Future of Work

March - 2018

Why aren't there more women in tech?

We explore why there’s a gender gap in tech and talk to our female staff about their experience of working in a male-dominated industry

November - 2017

Five fun things you can do with Amazon’s Alexa

What can Alexa really do?

June - 2017

Getting the best from human and software systems

Having the most up-to-date software doesn't guarantee success. That's where you come in.

May - 2017

5 software solutions for SMEs

What systems should your small business be using?

Do you have the systems for business success?

Having the correct systems in place can bring with it a host of benefits to your business. And you should see systems as one piece of the admin puzzle.

April - 2017

The New Workforce - putting the systems in place

What does the future of your business look like?

February - 2017

The four stages of our love affair with office systems

Issues of office romances are well known. But is there another office relationship you need to be aware of? Your relationship with your systems. And is it time you broke up for good?

December - 2016

Human versus machine? - The Quantum Energy of Human Beings

Perry Timms gives three crucial tips for employers to consider when thinking about the energy and performance of their employees.

Getting your business ready for the new age

When it comes to the workplace, are you more 1918 than 2018?

October - 2016

The future of the workplace commute

There was a car stuck on the tram lines! My train was late!